Matic Mike NFT

Dance Royale (PvP)

A high-reward battle royale gamble feature for your Matic Mike NFT.

Dance Royale (Battle Royale PvP)

Introducing one of Matic Mike's main utility, Dance Royale!
The other current use of $HGH is our player vs player battle royale contract, also known as the “Dance Royale.” This is a rolling 50 man queue system done completely on-chain that costs 1 $HGH to enter, with the option of adding 0-5 additional $HGH for adding 1-10 power level per additional $HGH injected. The optional injection $HGH is burned from the circulating supply, while the entry fee is added to the pot for the current royale. Upon completion, the winner receives 70% of the royale pot, 2nd place receives 20%, and 3rd 10%.