Matic Mike NFT


This page discusses the minting process done in Matic Mike.

Initial Mint Event

During the initial mint, every wallet is allowed to mint a maximum of 10 Mikes. The first 2500 Mikes were a free mint for everyone, with whitelisted users getting 0.2 MATIC from Mike Dev to cover for gas fees.
After the initial free mint, the cost of minting is as follows:
  • 1-2500: Free Mint (1 per whitelist, and once public sale was actived, up to 10 per wallet)
  • 2500-4000: 1 $HGH
  • 4000-6000: 2 $HGH
  • 6000-8000: 3 $HGH
  • 8000-10000: 4 $HGH
However, the free Burn Rerolls was activated immediately after reroll, hence the supply of 2637.