🌉Bridging (Umbria)

Matic Mike is an official partner of Umbria Network, the fastest bridging platform in this space.

Bridging your $ETH from Eth Network to Polygon Network

  1. Connect your wallet, make sure you're on Ethereum Network

  2. Send the amount of $ETH you wish to bridge over. There is an approximator below which shows you how much you'll receive after bridging.

  3. Wait for transaction to finish.

  4. When transaction finishes, switch your wallet to Polygon/Matic Network

  5. Congratulations! You have successfully bridged your funds.

But wait! You still need to swap your $ETH to $MATIC.

In Polygon Network, the main currency is $MATIC and is needed to pay for gas fees. Similarly to how Eth Network uses $ETH, BSC Network uses $BNB, Solana Network uses $SOL, and so on.

So how do you swap $ETH to $MATIC?

Method 1.

  1. Make sure you have a little bit of $MATIC because you need it for gas fees. Either get some from $MATIC faucets, or ask from the community members to spare around 0.05 $MATIC.

  2. Connect your wallet, and make sure you're in Polygon Network.

  3. Swap $ETH to $MATIC.

  4. Tada!

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