Matic Mike NFT
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Evil Club Lords (ECL)

Evil Club Lords (ECL) is an expansion collection from the Matic Mike NFT project. ECLs are essential for the upcoming PvE Questing feature.

Summoning ECL

Every Matic Mike has 2 opportunities to summon the club lord. You will need to stake your Matic Mike in the club at a cost of 25 $HGH for the first summon, and 50 $HGH for the second. You will be issued a new NFT with a random amount of time assigned where Mike must dance and collect tips for the club lord to reveal himself in which the staking time ranges from 1 to 4 weeks. You can reduce this amount of time once per 24 hours, by injecting up to 10 $HGH into your Mike in the club. For every 1 $HGH injected, you reduce the amount of time by 1 hour. Once revealed, you can un-stake your Mike from the club.